Until now, there were 3 basic choices for hot and cold therapy relief: an ice pack, a gel-pack, or a bag of frozen vegetables. FrozenPeaz® hot/cold packs, the next generation in hot and cold therapy, shatter previous expectations for hot and cold packs.

FrozenPeaz products deliver:

  • Deep penetrating cold
  • The flexibility of a bag of frozen peas as an ice pack
  • The reusability of a gel pack
  • Are easy to use with no messy leaks
  • Both hot and cold therapy relief
  • A natural alternative to petroleum or glycerine gels


Long-Lasting Cold

Better than an ice pack…

The patent-pending Clear Ice Solution™ is formulated for long-lasting high performance cold therapy while staying flexible.

The chart below illustrates the power of FrozenPeaz® as a cold pack.

*Charts show simulated curves based on test results of similar sized hot and cold gel packs


A Clear Solution.

The secret to the performance of FrozenPeaz® packs is the unique Clear Ice™ Solution. Unlike gel based beads and pearls, the VirtualPeaz™ in FrozenPeaz packs won’t break down with frequent usage. And unlike colored gel packs, the VirtualPeaz are floating in a non-toxic Clear Ice Solution that is free of preservatives, petroleum-based products, and animal by-products. The ingredients in the Clear Ice Solution are 100% natural! So natural that they are certified by the Natural Products Association (NPA).

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