Large Joint Wrap

Having the right equipment to reduce your recovery time after a workout can dramatically improve your performance. This wrap is prefect as an ice knee wrap; many other packs only cover the top of your knee. The Large Joint hot/cold wrap also provides full coverage as a shoulder wrap or to relieve back pain.

Delivers up to 30 minutes of soothing cool relief from acute pain, swelling and fever. Perfect size for icing post-surgery rehabilitation.


Dual strap system holds FrozenPeaz® cold/hot packs in place and lets you set the right amount of compression.


The loop-backed neoprene insulates the hot/cold pack. The hot stays hot and the cold stays cold.

Amazing Feel

Latex free neoprene backing is covered in velvety loop fabric. The side next to your skin is 100% cotton flannel.

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    Large Joint PeazPod™ (knee pain, back pain, shoulder pain)

    Full coverage (up to 21″) hot/cold wrap for knee pain, back pain, shoulder pain, or arthritis pain. (NOTE: need additional coverage? Try our Extension Wrap)

    Includes: 1 Wrap; 3 Medium PeazPaks 7.5″ W x 6.0″ H

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    Large Joint w/ Extension PeazPod™ Wrap

    One size rarely fits all. Extend the length of the Large Joint Wrap by 6″ with this Extension Pack. Just Velcro together. Relieve pain. Recover faster.

    Includes: 1 Large Joint Wrap (21″ length); 1 Extension Wrap (6″ length); 4 Medium PeazPaks 7.5″ W x 6.0″ H

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