@Rodzilla Finally Gets His FrozenPeaz!

Our Twitter friend @Rodzilla9 hurt his ankle earlier this year. Like all smart runners, he knows to immediately ice an injury. FrozenPeaz was there to make it easy. Here are a few quotes from Rodzilla… January 19: Since I didn’t get @FrozenPeaz1 for Xmas..I still do this #ghetto pic.twitter.com/mFh3yXZamw February 9: @FrozenPeaz1 look still using this#runchat pic.twitter.com/OlEuFhPIjM February 11: Woke up today to this….thank you so much @FrozenPeaz1 ..that was ultra fast shipping..will be ... more >>

Interview with Jessica Smith Before Her Big Race This February

FrozenPeaz® was really pleased to provide Hot & Cold Therapy Products to the Salt Lake International Speed Skating team. Jessica Smith was kind enough to take some time from her busy training schedule to answer a few questions before she skates the biggest race of her life this February on the world stage! Basic Bio Birthday: October 14, 1983 Hometown: Melvindale, MI Where is she now: Salt Lake City, UT Coach: Jae Su Chun Some impressive stats about ... more >>

Hot or Cold – Karen Loves FrozenPeaz

Karen Loves To Run loves FrozenPeaz Hot/Cold therapy wraps almost as much as she loves to run! Thanks to FrozenPeaz® I’ve learned the importance of using hot or cold therapy based on the injury or pain. I’ve been using over the past month and it is amazing. It’s the perfect product for hot and cold therapy. I’ve been using Cold Therapy post run (do not use Cold Therapy before exercise) for my knees to reduce inflammation and ... more >>

FrozenPeaz Cold Therapy a Recovery Favorite for Director of Ski Patrol

Letter to FrozenPeaz Hot/Cold Therapy from Beau, Director of Wasatch Mountian Ski Patrol Director of the National Ski Patrol, Wasatch Mtn. Experience Club, Chapter HP-VQ039 It was very nice to meet you at the Outdoor Retailer Show in Salt Lake City last summer. I was very interested in your hot and cold therapy product. It seemed like a great idea. Now that I have tested the product for the past month I can confirm that it has lived ... more >>

Legendary BMX Rider Uses FrozenPeaz

Rob DiQuattro is known for some seriously wild riding! From rails…   To ramps…   To walls… There is nothing DiQuattro won’t try to tame. Check out this insane clip. . BMX riding, like most things in life, takes practice. And what goes up – must come down. Sometimes, what goes up comes down a little bit harder than intended. Just ask Rob. When things don’t go as planned, Rob is a strong believer in icing injuries. “I have been using FrozenPeaz this entire past week and ... more >>

Real PEA-ple: Headaches & Shoulder Pain

“Oh my, I am in HEAVEN”, wrote Summer. “Thanks sooooooo much for the great product.” In emailing with Summer, I learned that her husband is on active duty serving our country. Summer was also in the Navy but had to leave the military because of a shoulder injury. A big thank you to Summer, her husband, and all the military personnel that serve America so bravely! Summer has undergone multiple shoulder surgeries and her husband has endured ... more >>

Inspired by Savannah Product Review

After reading Robin’s blog post on FrozenPeaz®, we were in inspired by her cancer survival story. Until reading this post, we were not aware that one of the many residual effects of cancer treatment is muscle atrophy and chronic pain. In her post, Robin shared that, “the muscle spasms caused by her cancer treatment could be felt on the surface, as well as deep inside the muscle — making it almost impossible for hot and ... more >>

Real PEA-ple, Brothers MP + JP

We love feedback from real PEA-ple! Twin brothers MP and JP run high school track. Both brothers love FrozenPeaz after a tough workout. Have a great season guys! more >>