3 Tips to Avoid Injuries from Overuse

Spring… Glorious spring! The weather (should be) warming up and your exercise routine will likely start to heat up. You can head outdoors for a longer run. You have a bathing suit to fit into. There are weekend fun runs to enjoy! But slow down… turn up the intensity too fast and you may be sidelined the whole summer! Here are some tips to avoid injuries from overuse: 1. Take It Easy Alan Peppard, M.S., P.T. and ... more >>

Patients Putting the Lid on Pills and Relieving Pain Naturally

Etavonni™ Products announces the product launch of FrozenPeaz® Flexible Hot and Cold Therapy Wraps. A natural alternative to pharmaceutical pain relievers, revolutionary FrozenPeaz hot and cold therapy wraps are challenging the status quo of traditional therapy options.   Chicago, IL (PRWEB) January 03, 2013 For too long, patients and injured people have been popping highly addictive prescription and over-the-counter medications to ease the pain of surgery, injury, or illness. Both opioid painkillers and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) ... more >>

Hot vs Cold Therapy – 4 Tips to Help You Decide

Confused about when to use hot therapy and when to use cold therapy? You are not alone. The hot vs cold therapy debate can seem complicated. Understanding the benefits of each is key to relieving pain and speeding recovery. Use Cold Therapy immediately after an injury to reduce inflammation. Do not use Cold Therapy on stiff muscles or joints. Use Hot Therapy to relax/sooth sore muscles or to increase range of motion. Do not use Hot Therapy on an injury ... more >>

What is RICE Therapy?

REST – ICE (cold) – COMPRESSION – ELEVATION This 4-letter acryonym is an easy way to remember the most important steps in treating an acute injury like a sprain, strain, muscle pull, or tear. Acting quickly and applying cold therapy within the first 24-48 hours can prevent complications and help to reduce overall swelling and inflammation. Most importantly, following these four guidelines will help you feel better and recover faster. Let’s face it, that is the ... more >>