THAT WAS THEN:  The corporate ladder

MaryCarol_SayPeaz2MaryCarol Dolivier, inventor and co-owner of FrozenPeaz, literally tripped over the idea for a better hot/cold therapy product while recovering from an unfortunate fall down the stairs. Before the fall, MaryCarol had worked hard to climb the corporate ladder from Project Manager to Vice President of Professional Services for a data management firm.

Her FrozenPeaz journey began when the heel of her shoe got caught in a metal grated stair and she fell head first to the bottom. While nursing her injuries, she tried a variety of gel pack options available in stores at the time and ultimately went back to the age-old remedy of a bag of frozen peas.

The problem – lack of flexibility and ease of use. Gel packs were easy to use, but did not provide the flexibility necessary to wrap around her wrists, knees, and ankles, which had taken the brunt of the fall. Frozen vegetables were easy to mold around the injuries, but were not reusable and turned into a smelly mess as they melted.

The say necessity is the mother of invention. When MaryCarol found herself on the couch with leaky vegetables a second time in sixth months as she recovered from a marathon training injury, she decide to stop wishing there was something better and set about to make something better.

THIS IS NOW:  A Passion for Peaz

That was 2009. Realizing she could not do it alone, MaryCarol enlisted the help of Arthur Blackwood, an engineer – now business partner, and a group of physical therapists and doctors. They got to work.

The objective, a therapy pack that was

  • As conformable as a bag of frozen vegetables AND as natural
  • As reusable as a traditional gel pack
  • Able to provide both hot and cold relief for different phases of recovery

From the humble beginnings of a kitchen counter turned chemistry lab, patent-pending VirtualPeaz technology was developed.

WinnersList-Again3 Since then, MaryCarol and Arthur continue to develop new products and uses for FrozenPeaz. The upcoming launch of TheraPeaz and BumpPeaz marks a turning point with a product offering that targets everyone from post-surgery and chronic pain (the original line of FrozenPeaz Compression Wraps) to people with everyday pains from arthritis to headaches (TheraPeaz) to a special line just for children (BumpPeaz).

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LinkedIn_HeaderMaryCarol and Arthur have a Passion for Peaz, but that’s not all. After her innovation-inspiring fall, MaryCarol, like so many other entrepreneurs thought, “There has to be a better way”. But she didn’t stop there. With perseverance, hard work, and a little luck, FrozenPeaz was created. Based on those experiences, MaryCarol and Arthur founded Etavonni, innovate spelled backwards. Founded on the belief that wonderful things can happen when you challenge your perspective, the duo wants to help others make turn their ah-ha moments from dream to reality.


To be a resource for entrepreneurs and imagineurs that believe they can build it better but need a little help.

Whether you are looking for better, pill-free pain relief or you are an aspiring inventor, we look forward to meeting you.