A New Solution For An Old Problem

While reading an article by Tamara McClearly about Justine Musk and the inventor’s journey. It reminded me that not too long ago, I was sitting on the couch trying unsuccessfully to wrap a leaky bag of frozen vegetables around my leg with an elastic bandage.

I remember thinking to myself, I can’t believe nobody’s solved this yet.

Throughout our lives, we’ve all had many of these ‘a-ha’ moments. Most often, the idea drifts past us like the wisp of a cloud on a summer day. This time, instead of letting it slip away, I decided to do something about it.

The Problem

To go back to the beginning of the journey, I literally tripped over the idea for a better hot/cold therapy product while recovering from an unfortunate fall down the stairs. I tried every kind of gel pack option available in stores at the time and ultimately went back to the age-old remedy of a bag of frozen peas.

I could not find a product that satisfied my expectations for FLEXIBILITY and EASE OF USE.

  • Gel packs were easy to use, but did not provide the mold-ability necessary to wrap around wrists, knees, and ankles that bore the brunt of the fall.
  • Frozen vegetables were easy to mold around the injuries, but were not reusable and turned into a smelly mess as they melted. And, as my injuries began to heal, I needed a completely different product for heat therapy.


The Mother Of Invention

They say necessity is the mother of invention. Six months later, while training for the Chicago marathon, I found myself back on the couch with leaky vegetables.

This time, I decide to stop wishing there was something better. Having chosen to no longer accept the traditional options, the design objective called for a therapy pack that was:

  • As conformable as a bag of frozen vegetables AND as natural
  • As reusable as a traditional gel pack
  • Able to provide both hot and cold relief for different phases of recovery

I enlisted the help of Arthur Blackwood, an engineer – now partner/owner, and a group of physical therapists, doctors, and athletes. From the humble beginnings of a kitchen counter turned chemistry lab, patent-pending VirtualPeaz technology was developed.

More Than Just a Pretty Green Ball

FrozenPeaz® hot/cold packs, the next generation in hot and cold therapy, shatter previous expectations for hot and cold packs.

Our patent-pending products use a glass-like material to mimic all the flexible, conformable, feel-good benefits of your garden variety frozen pea without the mess! You might be thinking to yourself, “I’ve seen this before. What about the gel-bead products?” Our VirtualPeaz are more than just a pretty green ball. VirtualPeaz are made of a proprietary glass-like material. Unlike gel beads, VirtualPeaz won’t disintegrate with repeated use or microwaving. That means a longer lasting, high-performance product, which requires less replacement and a better overall value to the consumer and the environment.


FrozenPeaz Products Deliver

  • Deep penetrating cold
  • The flexibility of a bag of frozen peas as an ice pack
  • The reusability of a gel pack
  • Are easy to use with no messy leaks
  • Both hot and cold therapy relief
  • A natural alternative to petroleum or glycerine gels

Give Peaz a Chance