Common Muscle Injuries for Athletes

Whenever you lace up, whatever the sport or exercise, you are at an increased risk of a common muscle injuries injury. The repeated wear and tear on your body eventually adds up, and can lead to excessive wear and tear on the muscles and joints that may result in injury. But the results of a sedentary lifestyle has its own caveats.

So play on weekend warrior and marathon hopeful. But listen to your body and watch for signs of these common injuries.


Hip adductor injuries occur most commonly when there is a forced push-off (side-to-side motion) like turning or pivoting into a sprint. This causes the adductor muscles contract to generate opposing forces. The most common sports that put athletes at risk for adductor strains are the big three: football, basketball, and baseball. Hockey, soccer, tennis, figure skating, horseback riding, karate, and softball are also high risk sports for adductor injuries.

Hip Flexor

These muscles are at the front of the hip and are responsible for moving the hip forward when running, walking, or kicking. These muscles are under a great deal of stress during sprinting and kicking activities.


The quadriceps are the powerhouse muscles of the thigh and are responsible for straightening the knee. These muscles are active during running, kicking and jumping.


These muscles run along the back of your thigh and enable you to bend your leg at the knee. Although anyone can pull a hamstring, tears are more common among people who play sports requiring running and jumping or sudden stopping and starting.

Now that you know what to watch for, check out these 5 tips for avoiding injury.